Northwoods Trail

In 1985 Virginia Hottel presented some design ideas to address our modest vision (and budget) at that time.  Since then, we have returned time and again, always with new requests,   Her business has grown and our visions have changed. But our reasons for selecting Virginia Hottel as our designer of choice have been:

  • Consistency of prompt and attentive response
  • Willingness to point out disadvantages of some alternatives while offering new ideas we had not considered
  • Remaining within budget and offering savings when she could find them, yet pointing out inconsistencies between some of our ideas and our stated budget
  • Ability to envision the "whole room" or desired theme as we struggled with furniture or accessory alternatives
  • Exceptional skill in scaling the piece parts to the space available
  • Staying in touch with market changes through study, market visits and periodicals
  • Great listener:  addresses what the customers want rather than trying to pitch personal preferences
  • Understands the best chance for long term relationships is not running up the bill

We have just moved from a large home to a large retirement apartment.  This was traumatic in many ways.  Everything in our home is new or moved from various spots in our former house.  The blend, scale, colors and wall hangings incorporate all of Virginia's skills and my wife's imagination and ingenuity.  We love it and all our new friends are awed.  If you want to hold on to a proven idea or embrace some new ones, just give Virginia Hottel a chance.  You will be thrilled with her work and enjoy working with her.

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