Trumpet Court

Why we go back to Virginia Hottel each time we want to make a change to our home:

Most people use their interior designers to pick furniture, fabric and accessories. We do that too, and more. Yes, Virginia is an expert in ferreting out what appeals to us, her clients. More importantly, Virginia provides the information and guidance we need to make our living spaces fit our life style.

More than once, Virginia designed the actual dimensions of the room (addition of the sun room; expansion of our kitchen; redesign of our master bath) and all the essential elements of that space including the style of the windows, the use of materials for the hearth and the type of flooring. The end result is that our home is lovely, comfortable and has style.

We love color. With Virginia’s advice, we are not afraid of color. We have pets. With Virginia’s experience, our furnishings tolerate the presence of pets.

More than anything, we are practical. Virginia understands this about us and makes selections knowing what is important to us.

If you question your skills and abilities to decorate/design a room/space, it is our experience that a professional like Virginia who has saved us from making costly mistakes, while designing a terrific living space.

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